Hand of Fatima Pendant

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Precious pendant in 925 silver with white rhodium, zircons in blue and fuxia in the shape of a protective eye. It is a symbol and amulet of protection originating from the ancient Egyptian and associated with the goddess Wadjet, daughter of Ra. It was believed that the amulet of the eye of Horus had healing and protective powers. It was used for the living especially as protection against diseases. Perfect complement for any occasion An affordable jewel to seal unforgettable moments! You will never take it off !!!

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Bar pendant made of sterling silver 925 rhodium-plated with white brilliant-cut zircons.

Why choose our jewel?

- Because it is a jewel made of 925 sterling silver and zircons that give a characteristic shine.

- Because it has a galvanized rhodium-plated finish to offer a quality finish and avoid allergies.

- Because we present it in a very "cool" and flirty packaging.

- Because it is a jewel to wear on any occasion or what we call the code 24752 (24 hours / 7 days / 52 weeks a year).

And of course, because you're going to feel spectacular!

Colgante Mano de Fátima
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